Company Profile

Coal Plant

TIFICO FIBER INDONESIA TBK PT, established on October 25, 1975. The Company became a commercial company in July 1976, two years after it started building its first plant.

A year later on October 29, 1977 the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Suharto launch the grand opening of the plant. Since February 1980, the company has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange as a public company.

In April 2010, a consortium of four companies that have established a reputation and long-term experience and expertise in the textile industry to buy shares of Teijin Limited, as the major shareholder. Once produced and manufactured for 20 years the company has developed and hold for the following reasons:

  • Continued confidence and support of the joint holders.
  • Customers and suppliers as partners of the company.
  • Loyalty and dedication of all employees

In addition, the company believes that the support and guidance from the government has a major impact on the company, especially for the development of textile and fiber industries in the country
In the production area, the company believes has sought to maintain and even enhance each area (Total Quality Policy). The Company has also taken one step ahead of the policy to maintain that position as a pioneer and leading companies.

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